Conserving Natural Resources for our Future

St. Johns Soil & Water Conservation District

Conservation Projects

Lawnsmart - Mobile Irrigation Lab

Water is the critical natural resource in Florida and our potable water supply cannot sustain itself using current water management techniques. The Floridan Resource Conservation & Development Council (RC&D), cooperating with JEA, operates a Mobile Irrigation Lab, LawnSmart, which educates consumers about landscape water use and the need to use the correct amount of water for the landscape. The St. Johns Soil & Water Conservation District provides administrative services to the RC&D to keep this program running. This MIL has saved millions of gallons of potable water since its inception in 2003. The LawnSmart program is for JEA water users in Duval, St. Johns, Nassau and Clay counties.

Beach Restoration

The St. Johns Soil & Water Conservation District in cooperation with the Florida Department of Transportation sponsored a dune restoration project located in the St. Johns County from old A1A South alogn A1A to the Flagler County Line. The purpose of the project was to help with the stabilization of soil, sand and dune erosion.

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