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Subsurface Irrigation

pdfSubsurface Irrigation: Higher Yield, Lower Pollution for Florida Farmers


The recent introduction of subsurface irrigation may be the future to protecting the Florida aquifer. Local farmer Danny Johns uses this type of irrigation on his 680 acre potato farm located on county road 13 in Spuds and thinks it could be the next big thing in the future of farming. With 48% of potable water being used by agriculture, using this new system could save up to two thirds less water that is being withdrawn from the Florida aquifer. Farmers would be spending less money fertilizing their crops. This system could be a breakthrough if farmers are willing to test it and demonstrate this as an effective tool.


Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Enhanced Water Distribution – Seepage Hybrid System


This type of irrigation system is referred to as seepage irrigation or subsurface irrigation characterized by low implementation, maintenance, and operation costs. Proper irrigation is achieved by maintaining the water table just below the plant root zone allowing the capillarity of the soil to bring water up to the range of the roots.




Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) for Enhanced Water Distribution: SDI - Seepage Hybrid System1


Subsurface irrigation: Higher yield, lower pollution for Florida farmers


Potato Growth Uniformity as Affected by Subsurface Drip and Seepage Irrigation


Potato Growth Uniformity as Affected by Subsurface Drip and Seepage Irrigation


Efficiencies of Florida Irrigation Systems


Effective irrigation efficiency is referred to as the overall irrigation efficiency corrected for water which is reused or stored to the water source without reduction in water quality.


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Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Water Table Control and Potato Production


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