Conserving Natural Resources for our Future

St. Johns Soil & Water Conservation District

About the St. Johns Soil & Water Conservation District

The St. Johns SWCD was created in September of 1955 under the authority created by the Soil Conservation Act, passed by Florida Legislature in 1937. The SJSWCD was organized by the concerned citizens of St. Johns County to help landowners and users to conserve land, water, forests, wildlife and related natural resources.


To deliver natural resources conservation technology and education to local landowners and users and to promote the wise use of land and best management practices that will conserve, improve and sustain the natural resources of St. Johns County.

About Us

The St. Johns SWCD District Board consists of 5 Supervisors who are non-partisan, elected locally and serve under the provisions of Chapter 582 of the Florida Statutes.

The SJSWCD Board meets on the fourth Tuesday, bimonthly at 5:00 p.m. at the St. Johns County Agricultural Building located at 3125 Agricultural Center Drive, Saint Augustine, Florida 32092-0572. The Board approves applications for technical assistance, prioritizes workload, approves conservation plans and discusses local resource problems related to soil and water conservation within St, Johns County.

Message from the Chair